Introducing the FLIR One Pro !

The FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro can help home buyers and home owners save money. Enhanced resolution through VividIR allows home professionals to identify problems quickly and show they’ve fixed the problem the first time. Outdoor enthusiasts and gadget geeks can see the world in a whole new way or dig into their favourite technology. FLIR ONE can get you started and the FLIR ONE Pro will take you to the next level

If you’re exploring your world in thermal, and seeing this newly-visible reality, the FLIR ONE is the right choice.

You’ll be able to catch water leaks, trace spills and water damage, find out where they are electrical shorts, locate any pest insects or rodents in your walls/attics/basements and even find radiant floor heating coils. Once you locate all the problem areas, you’ll be able to tackle your To Do list a whole lot easier and faster and not have to worry about them becoming catastrophes in the future.

FLIR ONE Pro has advanced image processing that brings out more detail in every image, so problems won’t go undetected. Plus, they’re proof of a job well done.

With FLIR’s all new VividIR image processing FLIR ONE Pro brings out thermal details and subtle temperature gradients professionals need to find problems fast, and prove they’ve been resolved.

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